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Inspire me to dream

Inspire me to achieve

Inspire me to excel

Inspire me to fulfill

Inspire me to achieve

and excel in fulfilling

my dream….

Just continue to inspire me




Neicey Ford is the author and publisher of dramatic romance novels Eluding Karma, Vengeance Is Mine and Every Pawn Is A Potential Queen. While working as a records center coordinator and resource secretary at a law firm, Neicey Ford completed her first novel and began another venture as a playwright. After submitting her story to several publishers, all of whom rejected her; she decided not to become discouraged, but to self-publish instead.

Neicey Ford is now the author of four bestselling novels, has written, produced, and directed three gospel stage plays and is looking forward to launching a new media business.

Neicey Ford’s love for storytelling, her ability to captivate one’s imagination with her creative usage of words and unique style, are qualities that separate her from other artists. The empathy portrayed in her writings captivate the reader and allows them to experience life through the characters eyes.

As a wife, proud mother, poet, and playwright, Neicey Ford’s greatest aspiration is to allow God to use her as He sees fit. Whether it’s ministering through spoken word or theatrical presentation, she believes all that she does, all that she is and all that she will be is of no credit of her own, but because of God’s grace, mercy and favor toward her.