All I Want is Forever


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The saying goes “more money brings more problems”, but nothing could be further from the truth for DJ and Denise Chatman. In fact, God has done a great job of being a fence around them.

As CEO’s of Miami based TIA Enterprises, a Publishing and Production Company, the Chatman’s have their work cut out for them. Business is prospering, demands are increasing and new doors of opportunity are opening.

The future couldn’t look any brighter as Denise launches several writing and stage play projects, while her husband, DJ, pursues an A&R position for a major record label in New York City.

The couple is consistently reminded that to whom much is given much is required; faced with the day to day demands of their professions, DJ and Denise must find a balance while continuing to show through their actions that it’s possible to be in the world, but not of the world.

Our choices affect the quality of life we strive to attain. Good choices yield good reactions and bad…the same. Beliefs and determination must be applied and encouraged in one’s day to day profession and personal lives.

After reading you will realize that it’s never too late to become what you wanted to be.

This is the story of a husband and wife who hope to impact the world through love, forgiveness and change.


Dj & Denise

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