Every Pawn Is A Potential Queen

Adrianne Parker could be the poster child for “Why Good Girls Like Bad Guys.”  Beautiful, intelligent and well educated, she could have any man she desires but, instead, fixes her sights upon Geno Taylor.

Geno, one of Louisville’s largest drug dealers, steals Adrianne’s heart and destroys her essence in a single night.  Preying on her innocence, he takes Adrianne on a ride which is almost impossible to disembark.

Vowing to be the master of her own fate and happiness, Adrianne is determined to beat Geno at his game.  Through trials and disappointments, heartaches and physical abuse, she embraces the credo, “what doesn’t kill you will definitely make you one bad bitch.”

Travel with Adrianne and witness, as it unfolds, the saga of one woman’s determination to change the way the “game” is played.  Find out what happens when the right girl hooks up with the wrong guy.  Study her strategy and cheer for her determination to prove what’s been evident for so long — that every pawn is a potential queen.


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