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Neicey Ford is the author and publisher of dramatic romance novels Eluding Karma, Every Pawn Is A Potential Queen, and Vengeance Is Mine. While working as a records center coordinator and resource secretary at a law firm, Neicey Ford completed her first novel and began another venture as a playwright. After submitting her story to several publishers, all of whom rejected her; she decided not to become discouraged, but to self-publish instead. READ MORE

“Neicey Ford is an exciting new voice in the world of Dramatic Romance!”

 Keith Lee Johnson

Author of the Little Girl Lost Series

You are a phenomenal writer!  Books aren’t something I just “kinda” like.  You either love the book you’re reading or you don’t.  Your stories were very juicy, it provoked my emotions and it felt real.  You’ve definitely found your calling

Kita Williams

TV Personality & Contributor to CNN’s Showbiz Tonight