Every Pawn 2: Vengeance is Mine


No one would ever believe the millions of dollars’ worth of drugs that are moved in and out of the city every month, and Black is the overseer of it all.  Leader of the infamous drug crew, Five Deep, Black believes that there are no secrets among a den of thieves and snitching is never an option.  However, when the crew’s member, Anthony “Big Tone” Gibson, returns from doing fed time, he’s unable to let his past beef go with the lieutenant in command, Alonzo “Lonzo” Briggs.The crew begins to fall apart and business becomes sloppy as they leave the residue of their dealings behind, drawing the immediate attention of the LMPD and Lieutenant Franks, who has been on a quest for their ruin since the beginning of their formation.When Lonzo senses the disloyalty of Big Tone, he starts to take the necessary precautions to protect himself, his fiancé, Gina Noe, and their unborn child.  Unfortunately, it’s too late.  Big Tone’s secrets and his hunger for revenge lead to the destruction, downfall and ultimately Lonzo’s death, which brings a lot of unwanted heat to Big Tone and the crew from Lieutenant Franks, but it’s not Lieutenant Franks that Big Tone should be worried about.Once Gina discovers that Big Tone is responsible for Lonzo’s death she promises to vindicate him by divine retribution.  She believes, as clear as it is written, “vengeance is mine to repay.”
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